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Nashville Group Run Options

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Here is a list of many possible group run options here in Nashville if you are looking for some accountability, friends, and/or training partners. If you know of any more, comment below and I'll add it to the list.


12 South Runners: 6:30pm @ Taqueria Del Sol on 12th Ave S

Frontrunners: 6:30pm @ Canvas on Church St.

Crazy Owls: 7pm @ deep wells Parking lot / Trailhead


Track Group: 5:30am @ Hillwood Track for a speed session

Star Bagel in Sylvan Park @ 5:50am

RunWild trail group: 6:30pm @ Deep Wells Trailhead/parking lot

Nashville Harriers: 6:30pm @ USN track for track workout. (sometimes meets elsewhere so check their Facebook page)


East Nasty: 6pm @ 12th & Holly

Jogalope: 6:30pm @ Martin's BBQ on Belmont

6run5: 6pm @ 614 Garfield St.


Star Bagel in Sylvan Park @ 5:50am

Brentwood Breakfast Club: 6am @ First Watch or Maple Street (check Facebook pg)

Nashville Track Club: 6pm @ Fat Bottom Brewery in the Nations

Dirtbags trail run: 6pm @ Deep Wells trailhead / parking lot

JackRabbit group run: 6pm @ JackRabbit

Frontrunners: 6:30pm @ Lipstick Lounge

Friday - ???


PR Bandits, Old Spurs, Trails Sisters, Franklin Road Runners:

all have early morning long run options and typically change location and exact starting times. Check their Facebook pages for more details. PR Bandits and Old Spurs are more in Nashville, Trails Sisters are typically meeting for a trail run, and the Franklin RR are in Franklin, TN.


Old Spurs: typically meets at Edwin or Percy Warner park. again, check Facebook pg

New Heights Running Club: 12:30pm @ New Heights Brewery

Going Solo??? Check out Percy Warner Park and run the 11.2 / Monkey loop. About 1,000 ft of elevation gain (and loss) but so worth it. and the above pic was taken at the Luke Lea Lookout if you want to add on another 1/2 mile before the monster downhill back to the Gates on Belle Meade Blvd.

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